ETCR2000C+ Multi-Function Clamp Earth Resistance Tester
Product Main Function

1. Measurement of earth resistance,loop resistance

2. Resistance Measure Range: 0.010Ω~1200Ω

3. Leakage Current Measure Range: 0.00mA~20.0A

4. Alarm Threshold Setting?1-199Ω

5. Alarm Function: audible and visible alarm

6. CT Size: 65mmX32mm


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ETCR2000C+ Clamp Earth Resistance Tester is our company's technology research and development team on technical quality of the pursuit of excellence, through continuous innovation to improve, upgrade with the old product. Its performance is mainly reflected in:

  • Breakthrough in self-test the boot a long time to waiting, start immediately into the test.
  • Breakthrough relay self-test mode, using the most advanced processing algorithms and digital integration technology.
  • Breakthrough the old product too heavy issues, more in line with characteristics of hand-held devices.
  • New design, panel operation with 6 buttons, better performance.
  • Increase sound and light alarm function, with "beep-beep-beep” alarm sound.
  • Increase the interference signal recognition indicator function, with "beep-beep-beep” indicator.
  • Measurement range: 0.01Ω-1200Ω
  • Stored data 99 Units. Lower power consumption, Maximum operating current less than 50mA.

ETCR2000C+ Clamp Earth Resistance Tester is widely used in the grounding resistance measurement of the power, telecommunications, meteorology, oilfield, construction and the industrial and electrical equipment. In the measurement of a grounding system with loop, does not require breaking down the grounding down lead, and no need the auxiliary electrode. It is safe, fast and simple in use. The tester can measure ground faults which cannot be measured by traditional methods. It can be used in applications where traditional methods cannot be measured, because the ETCR series clamp grounding resistance meter measures the combined value of grounding body resistance and grounding lead resistance.



ETCR2000C+ Accessories  

  • Earth tester 
  • Test ring
  • Manual 
  • Warranty card/Qualification card
  • Aluminum Case

Measurement Range & Accuracy 

Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy



























Technical Parameter


Function  Description
 Power Supply  6VDC 4 PCS of LR6 lkaline batteries
 Clamp Size  65mm×32mm
 LCD Size  4 Digits LCD display, Screen: 47mm×28.5mm
 Range  Resistance: 0.010Ω~1200Ω
 Current: 0.00mA~20.0A
 Resolution  Resistance: 0.001Ω ; Current: 0.05mA
 Accuracy  Resistance: ±1%±0.01Ω; Current:±2.5%±1mA
 Data Storage  99 sets
 Data Upload Function  RS232 Interface (Optional)
 Auto Power-off  Automatically power off after 5 minutes without any operate
 Power Consumption  ≤50mA, continuously working for 30 hours
 Working Environment  -20oC ~55oC , 20%rh~80%rh
 Store Environment  -20oC~60oC, below 90%rh
 Alarm Threshold Setting Range  Resistance: 1~199Ω
 Audible and VisibleAlarm  “Beep-beep-beep” alarm sound, alarm symbol flashing, pressALkey to turn  on/off and setting
 Interference Signal Recognition “Beep-beep-beep” indicator,NOISEsymbol blinking
 Protection Level  Double insulation
 Structural Feature  Clamp CT
 Shift  Automatic shift
 External Magnetic Field  <40A/m
 External Electrical Field  <1V/m
 Single Measurement Time  0.5 second
 Resistance Measurement Frequency  >1KHz
 Measured Current Frequency  50/60Hz Automatic
 Low Battery Voltage Indication  When the battery voltage is lower than 5.3V, the low battery voltage symbol is displayed
 Storage Full Indication  Storage data full of 99 sets,flashed display "MEM" symbol
 Over Range Indication  Over range indication “OLΩ”, “L0.01” or “OL A”
 Tester Weight  1100g 
 Tester Dimension  285mm×85mm×56mm
Measurement Principle
  • Measure the loop resistance

(Base on the formula: R=E/I)

  • Measure the grounding loop resistance system

(R1 is the measured earth resistance; 

R0 is the equivalent resistance of the grounding resistor in parallel)






Measurement Method 

  • Two earth point measurement method

The RA is the measured grounding object, connecting RA

and RB (which is the nearly grounding object like as water

pipe or building) with one wire, the tester will test and indicate the concatenation resistance value of the ground

resistance and the test line resistance.


(RT is the tested value, RL is the test line resistance value)



  • Three earth point measurement method

(1).Connect the RA and RB with a test line; use the Meter to get the first reading R1;

(2).Connect the RB and RC with a test line; use the Meter to get the first reading R2;

(3).Connect the RA and RC with a test line; use the Meter to get the first reading R3.

In the above three steps, the reading measured in each step is the value of the two series grounding resistance. In this way, we can easily calculate the value of each grounding resistance,According to the reading value of R1,R2,R3:


Then: RA=(R1+R3-R2)/2

As the reference points, the grounding resistance values of the other two grounding bodies

RB and RC are:





Field Application

  • The application of machine room earth resistance measurement

The machine room of telecommunication system normally in the upper deck of the

building. It is hard to use the meg-ohm meter to measure. However, ETCR Clamp

meters are very convenient to test.




  • The application of substation earth resistance measurement

ETCR series clamp meter can use to test the situation of contact and connect of circuit.

With the help of one test line, it can be used to test the connect situation of equipment

in station and the grounding system. Single point grounding measurement is allowed for

the measurement of grounding resistance.






  • The application of building lightning protection grounding system measurement

If the earth poles of the building are independent of each other,

the earth resistance can

be measured by clamp to testing any of the earth poles, and the

earth resistance can also

be measured by clamp the building roof lightning arrester.When

the measured value is

less than the allowable value, the earth electrode is qualified.If the measurement value

of the clamp meter is larger than the allowable value, please use

ingle earth point method

to measurement.





Relate Model

Related Series Model

Model Clamp Size Resistance Range Current Range Data Upload Alarm Data Save Type
ETCR2000 55*32mm 0.01-1000Ω / / Yes Yes Basic
ETCR2000A 55*32mm 0.01-200Ω / / Yes Yes Utility
ETCR2000C 55*32mm 0.01-1000Ω 0.00mA-30.0A / Yes Yes Multifunction


65*32mm 0.01-1200Ω / Optional Yes Yes Basic
ETCR2000A+ 65*32mm 0.01-200Ω / Optional Yes Yes Utility
ETCR2000B+ 65*32mm 0.01-1200Ω / Optional Yes Yes Anti-explosion
ETCR2000C+ 65*32mm 0.01-1200Ω 0.00mA-20.0A Optional Yes Yes Multifunction
ETCR2100+ Φ32mm 0.01-1200Ω / Optional Yes Yes Basic
ETCR2100A+ Φ32mm 0.01-200Ω / Optional Yes Yes Utility
ETCR2100C+ Φ32mm 0.01-1200Ω 0.00mA-20.0A Optional Yes Yes Multifunction
ETCR2200 65*32mm 0.01-1500Ω 0.00mA-40.0A Yes Yes Yes High Performance

ETCR2000C+ Multi-Function Clamp Earth Resistance Tester Manual
ETCR2000C+ Multi-Function Clamp Earth Resistance Tester Catalog
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