ETCR2900B Earth Resistance Online Detector
Product Main Function

1. Online monitoring of grounding resistance, grounding voltage.

2. Ground resistance :0.01Ω~2000Ω

3. Communication method :RS485 or GPRS

4.Monitoring Interval  Time :Setting range of automatic monitoring interval time :1-999 h

5. Measurement rate:over 10000 times

6. LCD Size :128mm×75mm

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ETCR2900B Earth Resistance Online Detector is high-tech product that our company has devoted to "grounding resistance detection technology research" for more than ten years, Using precision 3-wire or simple 2-wire measurement method to test the grounding resistance. Adopt average value rectification method to test grounding voltage, online detection, real-time monitoring. User can select RS232 or RS485 communication, according the protocol MODBUS to secondary development, build network, realize remote multipoint online monitoring etc.

ETCR2900B Earth Resistance Online Detector displayed by super large LCD, very clear and obvious. The alarm critical value can be set via the button, and with the sound and light alarm indication. Ensure the high accuracy, high stability and high reliability of real-time online monitoring of grounding resistance value in various place.

ETCR2900B Earth Resistance Online Detector Tester suitable for transmission line tower grounding, underground mine equipment grounding , weather lightning protection grounding, petrochemical grounding ,communication base station grounding, power substation grounding , railway grounding , building warehouse grounding , electrical equipment grounding, etc.






Technical Parameter





Ground Resistance


±2%rdg±3dgt  (auxiliary ground resistance100Ω±5%, voltage to ground<10V)





 Ground Voltage

 0~600V AC



 Measure Mode

 Precise 3-wire measurement ,simple 2-wire measurement

 Measure Method

 Ground resistance:rated current change-pole method,measured current11mA Max,128Hz;

  voltage to ground: average value ectification method.  

 Power Supply

 Standard:12V±1VDC、400mA Max(provided externally)





 LCD Size


 Measurement Time

 Voltage to ground:about 2 times/second ; ground resistance : about 30 seconds/time

 Measurement Rate

 Over 10000  times

 Monitoring Interval  Time

 Setting range of automatic monitoring interval time :1-999 h

 Instrument Interface

 Pluggable  terminal blocks: 9 pin connector

Communication  Method

 RS485 or GPRS

Data Storage

 99 groups,flash display “99”  symbol indicate storage is full

Data Access

 Data read function :“READ” symbol display

Overflow Display

 Exceed measurement range overflow function :”OL” symbol display


 Audible and visible alarm

Power Supply Voltage

 When power supply voltage decreases to about 10V , power supply low symbol will display, and remind to replace  the power.

Overload Protection

 Measurement ground resistance: E-P, E-C between each interfaces AC 280V/3 seconds


 IEC61010-4-3,Wireless frequency electromagnetic field≤1V / m

Line Voltage

 Measuring the voltage to ground: Below AC 600V


 Detector: 1PCS; GPRS Communication module+external antenna:1set(optinal),9P terminal block


Related Series Model

Model Ground Resistance Range Ground Voltage Range LCD Size
ETCR2900 0.01Ω~2000Ω 0~600V AC 128mm×75mm
ETCR2900B 0.01Ω~2000Ω 0~600V AC 47mm×28.5mm
Relate Model

 Package  Outer package  Carton
 Inner package  None
 Accessory  Meter  1 PCS
 GPRS communication module + external antenna  1PCS (Optional)
 9-pin Terminal Block  1 PCS
 Manual/Warranty Card/Certificate  1 PCS

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ETCR2900B Earth Resistance Online Detector Manual
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