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  • 5000 series power quality analyzer
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    This instrument is a comprehensive test instrument of multifunctional, intelligent, man-machine operation simple. Comprehensive analysis and diagnosis all the voltage, current, power, electrical energy, harmonic, phase and other electric parameters Equipped with 4 types and total 16pcs current clamps. to cope with variety of measurement site. 4 channel current and 4 channel voltage measurement, simultaneously capturing and recording electric parameters and waveform, to provide with all the power quality information for working. 1. Model No.: ETCR5000 2. Number of Channels: 4 voltages, 4 currents 3. Frequency :  40Hz~70Hz 4. Line voltage: Below 600V 5. Phasor Diagram Display: automatic 6. Power Supply : Rechargeable lithium battery 9.6V, 4500mAH, external charger; working current about 490mA,

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