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  •  Field Test - ETCR9400 Zinc Oxide Arrester Electrified Tester
    Sep 06, 2023

    Zinc oxide arrester is to protect all kinds of electrical equipment in the power system from overvoltage damage electrical products, with good protective performance, if zinc oxide arrester leakage, that is, the performance is reduced, can not play a protective role, then the test zinc oxide arrester performance is very important, the main index is zinc oxide arrester leakage current value, How to measure the leakage current value easily and quickly? Today, a simple method is used to test the leakage value with the zinc oxide arrester live tester. Without power failure, without disassembling the equipment, the leakage current value of the zinc oxide arrester can be detected by directly clamping the grounding wire of the zinc oxide arrester. The instrument model used is ETCR9400. Lightning Arrester Leakage Test Steps: 1) Check whether the power of the host and the detector is sufficient, less than 50% must be charged 2) Check whether there is an emergency pull ring installed for emergency situation use. 3) Install the detector on the insulating rod interface, the interface can adjust the direction of the clamp jaws of the detector to facilitate the clamping-on the wire. 4) Press the "OPEN" button to open the clamp jaws of the detector. 5) Lift the insulation rod and clamp the wire. After confirming that the wire is clamped, press the "CLOSE" button to close the clamp jaws, and the tester will enter the test state. 6) After reading the test value, press "OPEN" key to open the clamp jaws, and let the detector withdrawn from the wire. After removing the insulation rod, press the "CLOSE" key to close the clamp head, remove the detector from the insulation rod, and recover the insulation rod.

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  • Large-Scale Grounding Grid Earth Resistance On-line Monitor
    Feb 27, 2023

    ETCR3350 Large-Scale Grounding Grid Earth Resistance On-line Monitor is used for the online monitoring of large ground network grounding parameters in substations, power plants, microwave stations, communication base stations, etc. The instrument has powerful functions, and can test power frequency grounding impedance, ground on-resistance, soil resistivity, step voltage, contact voltage, potential gradient and other power frequency characteristic parameters. The instrument has unique diagnostic function of grounding pile and connecting line and self-test function to ensure the accuracy of test results. The operation of the instrument is particularly convenient and simple by touching the color screen, and the operation prompts are clear at a sight by clicking the "Help" key. The instrument adopts new frequency conversion AC power supply and microcomputer processing control and signal processing, which effectively solves the anti-interference problem in the test process, simplifies the test operation process, and improves the accuracy and accuracy of the test results. The labor intensity and test cost of test personnel are greatly reduced. The instrument adopts frequency conversion anti-interference technology, with 400V/5A high power output. Product Features 1.Equipped with RS485 interface, the test data can be uploaded to PC or industrial computer to realize remote online monitoring of various grounding parameters. 2. Equip with touch color screen, test function and selection are convenient and easy, and it is very convenient to view test results and historical records. 3. "HELP" button can view the operation method and the wiring diagram clear and obvious. 4. The output current is 1A ~ 5A, voltage is 400V, and adopt the automatic frequency conversion technology and software and hardware filtering technology, which make the tester have high anti-interference performance, test data will stable and reliable. 5. With the function of testing current stake and voltage stake, which is used to diagnose the faults of poor connecting lines and poor grounding of voltage and current stake. 6. With self-checking function, equipped with 0.5Ωstandard resistance, which can self-check the tester at any time to ensure the accuracy of test results. 7. Supports Bluetooth communication of Android system. After installing the APP, can test or view the test results on the mobile. Technical Specification Power Supply AC220V±10%, 50hZ Display Screen 5inch touch colorful screen Impedance Measurement Range 0.000Ω~200Ω Resolution 0.001Ω Measurement Error ±2%rdg±5dgt Soil Resistivity Measurement Range 0Ωm~125kΩm(Depends on resistance measurement range and test length) Soil Resistivity Measurement Accuracy According to the meausrment accuracy of R(ρ=2πaR;a:1 m~100m;π=3.14) Anti-Power Frequency/Voltage Interference Ability 10V(50Hz) Test Current Wave Sine Wave Test Current Frequency Choose one or two frequency points arbitrarily between 40Hz and...

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  • 【Product Upgrade】Clamp Leakage Current Meter
    Sep 15, 2023

    ETCR6600 series Clamp Leakage Current Meteris specially designed and manufactured for measuring AC leakage current and current. The meter adopts unique CT technology and digital integration technology, has the characteristics of small size, high precision and perfect function. Widely used in electric power, communications, meteorology, railway, oil field, construction, measurement, scientific research and teaching units, industrial and mining enterprises and other fields. Product Features 1. This is a multi-functional new type clamp leakage current measurement meter. 2. The clamp jaw is made of permalloy and magnetic shielding technology, which is almost unaffected by external electromagnetic field and with high measurement accuracy and good stability. 3. The clamp meter with true RMS measurement, filter(band pass filter) function, maximum value / minimum value / average value, harmonics, aberration rate and other test functions. 4. The clamp meter equip with rechargeable high-capacity lithium battery, also has backlight, spotlight, data hold, Bluetooth communication and other functions. Technical Specification Model ETCR6640 ETCR6670 ETCR6680 Range AC 0.00mA~300A AC 0.00mA~1200A AC 0.00mA~2000A Resolution AC 0.01mA AC 0.01mA AC 0.01mA Max Accuracy ±1.5%rdg±5dgt ±1.5%rdg±5dgt ±1.5%rdg±5dgt CT Size Φ40mm Φ70mm 80mm×80mm Meter Dimension 192mm×96mm×40mm 237mm×131mm×40mm 253mm×145mm×40mm Weight 256g 477g 664g Power Supply Rechargeable lithium battery DC3.7V/1000mAh LCD Size 43mm×38mm;display area:36.5mm×29mm LCD Backlight Yes Spotlight Yes Filter Function (Band Pass Filter) Filter open: 40Hz~70Hz; Filter close: 40Hz~1kHz Harmonic Analysis 21times (above 10mA) Distortion Rate Yes (above 10mA) Max/Min Value Yes Average Value Yes Data Hold Yes Overflow Display Exceed measure range overflow function: “OL ” symbol display Bluetooth Communication Yes, can test or view the test results on mobile after install the APP. Automatic Shutdown 5 minutes after power on, will shutdown automatically without any operation to reduce the power consumption. Working Current 60mA (open spotlight 72mA) Line Voltage Below 600V line test Working Condition -10℃~50℃; below 80%RH Dielectric Strength AC 3700V/rms(between the core and shell) Accessories Meter:1PCS; Charger/charge cable:1set; Tool bag:1PCS Current Test When testing the current, try best to put the tested wire at the center of the clamp jaws. If the measured wire deviates from the center position of the jaws, the error may increase by 1% to 4%. Only clamp 1 wire at load current measuring. Shown as follow figure 1. Leakage curent measrent, single phase 2-wire, single phase 3-wir, 3-phse 3-wire, 3-phae 4-wire clamp simultaneously to measure, shown as follow figure 2: Only clamp 1 groudng lead at eath leakae current measuremt, shown as follw fiure 3:

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  • Chinese Nation Day Celebration
    Sep 30, 2022

    Thank you to all clients concern and support ETCR. To celebrate the 73rd anniversary Chinese Nation Day, ETCR will have a holiday from 1st, OCT to 7th,OCT 2022 (7 days in total). During this time. we will be out of office. and we will start to work on 8th,OCT 2022. Here we apologize for the inconvenience in advance! Meanwhile, in the new working stage, we will carry out promotional activities for many models instruments (including Earth Resistance Tester Series, Insulation Resistance Tester Series, etc.clamp current meter series, high/low voltage current meter series, high voltage detector series), and these series instruments will provide very favorable offer. If you are interested, don't hesitate, contact us immediately for more Promotions! During the holiday, our sales would check mails and messages as usual, and will reply your in time. Thank you again for your continued attention and support to ETCR! ETCR team wishes all of our clients and friends all over the world can be health and share our happiness!

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  • New Product : ETCR1400 Overhead Line Ground Fault Detector
    Jan 05, 2022

    The single-phase grounding fault of 10KV overhead line is a kind of fault that often occurs in high-voltage overhead lines, which will seriously affect the normal power consumption of users. In severe cases, it may damage the substation equipment and cause major safety accidents. Single-phase ground fault :single-phase metallic grounding, arcing grounding, transition resistance grounding, insulator breakdown, and lightning arrester breakdown,etc. ETCR1400 Overhead Line Ground Fault Detector apply for single-phase ground fault detection of overhead high-voltage lines, and accurately locates the ground fault point. Accurately search hidden ground faults of overhead line such as single-phase metallic grounding, arcing grounding, transition resistance grounding, insulator breakdown, and lightning arrester breakdown,etc. Product Features 1. Innovative integrated the signal transmission and acquisition in a detection clamp. The clamp-shaped structure is convenient for detecting. The line fault test can be completed in once clamp detecting, which is no need to output and acquisition singal operations in two sites, and no need to disconnect the PT(phase voltage transformer). The detection is convenient and fast, reduce the number of operators and improving work efficiency. 2. The detection clamp is equipped with th non-contact electroscope. If the tested line is electrified, the detector will issue a light alarm, and the host will broadcast a voice prompt to ensure the safety of operators and equipment. 3. Especially suitable for faulty lines with cable branches. Strong short-circuit detection ability, which can detect the direct short-circuit fault of  0Ω grounding resistance. 4. The output voltage is up to 8000V, and there are two options of 8000V and 3000V to meet the different reqeust of users. 5. Equip with the large-capacity rechargeable battery, can complete the detection of the entire overhead line after being fully charged. 6. The detection speed is fast, and the test results can be obtained in a few seconds after hooking up the detector. 7. 7-inch color screen can display the fault direction is obviou and clear. 8. With Voice broadcast function, prompt fault direction. 9. With Bluetooth communication function, the communication distance up to 40m. After download and install the APP, can make the  test and view the test results on the mobile phone, which can use as a handheld receiver. Innovative integrated the signal transmission and acquisition in a detection clamp The line fault test can be completed in once clamp detecting, which is no need to output and acquisition singal operations in two sites, and no need to disconnect the PT(phase voltage transformer). The detection is convenient and fast, reduce the number of operators and improving work efficiency. Non-contact electrometry The test needs to be carried out when the high-voltage line is out of service, but there may still be in...

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  • How to set the current gear of ETCR8600B
    Aug 15, 2021

    ETCR8600B contains 15 gear current values, but how does ETCR8600B set the current gear? Function rotary switch 1. V~ gear: This symbol is the AC voltage test gear, this gear can measure AC voltage below 600V; 2. ×1/2 gear : This gear indicates that the current displayed in the setting window is ×1/2, which is also half of the current displayed in the window; 3. ×1 gear : This gear represents the ×1 of the current displayed in the setting window, which is the same as the current displayed in the window; 4. ×2 gear : This gear represents the ×2 of the current displayed in the setting window, which is twice the current displayed in the window; 5. Auto : This gear indicates automatic mode. In automatic mode, the meter automatically outputs from low current to high current in sequence until an action occurs. Current Setting Set default value : 10mA / 20mA / 30mA / 100mA / 300mA / 500mA Corresponding Gear Value Current setting 10mA 20mA 30mA 100mA 300mA 500mA X1/2 gear mode 5mA 10mA 15mA 50mA 150mA 250mA X1 gear mode 10mA 20mA 30mA 100mA 300mA 500mA X2 gear mode 20mA 40mA 60mA 200mA 600mA 1000mA ETCR8600 Leakage Protector Tester is designed to test the line AC voltage, leakage initiating current, residual non-operating current and leakage initiating separation time of various leakage protectors online, the test current from 5~1000mA with 16 grade (5、10、15、20、30、40、50、60、100、150、200、250、300、500、600、1000mA), range of the leakage initiating separation time is 0~999ms.The required output current value can be set according to the table

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  • ETCR Company Team Outing
    Sep 09, 2021

    Team-building activities can be great fun while helping to improve individual skills and the overall dynamic of your staff. Take the glass bridge White-water rafting We had a great weekend Quotes!

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  • ETCR9500B Wireless High Voltage Transformation Ratio Tester
    Aug 16, 2019

    ETCR9500BThree Channel Wireless High Voltage Transformation Ratio Tester break through the traditional structure, special designed and manufactured for online measurement of current transducer, transformer primary current and secondary current, transformation ratio, phase and polarity judgment below 35kV in operation. The instrument is composed of primary current clamp (high voltage detector), secondary current clamp, host machine, high voltage insulation rod, monitoring software, communication cable, etc. the test data of primary current clamp adopt wireless to transmit which transmission distance of 100 meters. The current clamp is made of high performance permalloy with magnetic shielding technology, which is almost free from the influence of the external magnetic field, ensuring the long time uninterrupted monitoring of high accuracy, high stability and high reliability. The host LCD display clear and obvious, with large storage space, can store 3000 groups of data. The high voltage detector connect with 5pcs insulation rods, used for high voltage line current measurement which the wire with insulation skin below 60kV or the bare wire below 35kV, high voltage current clamp have unique automatic plug and pull structure, by pressing or pulling out the insulation rod can be easy to clamp or withdraw the tested line, saving time and more effective. It is widely used in substations, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, inspection stations, electrical maintenance departments for current detection and electrical field operations. The insulation rod is handiness, and has the characteristics of moisture-proof, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, bending resistance, high insulation, scalable and so on. Insulation level 110kV. ETCR9500B Wireless High Voltage Transformation Ratio Tester,also have the functions of high and low voltage clamp meter, high altitude current tester and so on. Technical Specification Function H/L voltage current transducer, transformer primary and secondary circuit current, transformation ratio, polarity and phase adjustment Power Supply DC 6VLR03(1.5V AAA×4) Test Mode Clamp CT Primary Current Test Accuracy Range:0.0A~800A;Resolution:0.1; Accuracy:±0.5%FS(23℃±3℃,below70%RH,the conductor should be in the center of the clamp) Secondary Current Test Accuracy Range:0.00mA~5A;Resolution:0.01mA;Accuracy:±0.5%FS Transformation Ratio Measurement Range 1~500 Transformation Ratio Resolution 0.1 Primary Current Clamp Size Jaw Size: φ48mm Out Shape Size: 76mm×255mm×31mm Secondary Current Clamp Size Jaw Size: φ8mm Out Shape Size: 137mm×40mm×19.5mm Shift Full automatic Sampling Rate 3 times/second Data Storage 3000 groups, Press the left arrow key to keep the data and store automatically (Power down or replace the battery will not lose data) Data Hold Press left arrow key to hold data in test mode, “HOLD” symbol display, press HOLD key again to cancel hold function Data Access Pr...

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