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Large-Scale Grounding Grid Earth Resistance On-line Monitor

February 27, 2023

ETCR3350 Large-Scale Grounding Grid Earth Resistance On-line Monitor is used for the online monitoring of large ground network grounding parameters in substations, power plants, microwave stations, communication base stations, etc. The instrument has powerful functions, and can test power frequency grounding impedance, ground on-resistance, soil resistivity, step voltage, contact voltage, potential gradient and other power frequency characteristic parameters. The instrument has unique diagnostic function of grounding pile and connecting line and self-test function to ensure the accuracy of test results. The operation of the instrument is particularly convenient and simple by touching the color screen, and the operation prompts are clear at a sight by clicking the "Help" key. The instrument adopts new frequency conversion AC power supply and microcomputer processing control and signal processing, which effectively solves the anti-interference problem in the test process, simplifies the test operation process, and improves the accuracy and accuracy of the test results. The labor intensity and test cost of test personnel are greatly reduced. The instrument adopts frequency conversion anti-interference technology, with 400V/5A high power output.

Product Features

1.Equipped with RS485 interface, the test data can be uploaded to PC or industrial computer to realize remote online monitoring of various grounding parameters.

2. Equip with touch color screen, test function and selection are convenient and easy, and it is very convenient to view test results and historical records.

3. "HELP" button can view the operation method and the wiring diagram clear and obvious.

4. The output current is 1A ~ 5A, voltage is 400V, and adopt the automatic frequency conversion technology and software and hardware filtering technology, which make the tester have high anti-interference performance, test data will stable and reliable.

5. With the function of testing current stake and voltage stake, which is used to diagnose the faults of poor connecting lines and poor grounding of voltage and current stake.

6. With self-checking function, equipped with 0.5Ωstandard resistance, which can self-check the tester at any time to ensure the accuracy of test results.

7. Supports Bluetooth communication of Android system. After installing the APP, can test or view the test results on the mobile.

Technical Specification

Power Supply

AC220V±10%, 50hZ

Display Screen

5inch touch colorful screen

Impedance Measurement Range




Measurement Error


Soil Resistivity Measurement Range

0Ωm~125kΩm(Depends on resistance measurement range and test length)

Soil Resistivity Measurement Accuracy

According to the meausrment accuracy of R(ρ=2πaR;a:1 m~100m;π=3.14)

Anti-Power Frequency/Voltage Interference Ability


Test Current Wave

Sine Wave

Test Current Frequency

Choose one or two frequency points arbitrarily between 40Hz and 60Hz

Maximum Current Output


Output Current Grade

1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A

Maximum Voltage Output





The host weight: about 26KG, total wight: about 37.6KG(inclue accessories)

Data Storage

1000 groups

Communication Interface

RS485 interface, data upload function

Bluetooth Communication

Support Android System

Working Temperature and Humidity

-10℃~40℃;80%rh below

Withstand Voltage

AC 3700V/rms(between the circuit and shell)


Host tester: 1PCS; Test Wires: 4PCS; Grounding wire: 1PCS; Power wire: 1PCS; Ground stake: 4PCS; Self-checking standard resistor: 1PCS; 25A ceramic fuse: 4PCS; 2A fuse: 1PCS Tool bag: 1PCS.

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