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Field Test - ETCR9400 Zinc Oxide Arrester Electrified Tester

September 06, 2023

Zinc oxide arrester is to protect all kinds of electrical equipment in the power system from overvoltage damage electrical products, with good protective performance, if zinc oxide arrester leakage, that is, the performance is reduced, can not play a protective role, then the test zinc oxide arrester performance is very important, the main index is zinc oxide arrester leakage current value, How to measure the leakage current value easily and quickly? Today, a simple method is used to test the leakage value with the zinc oxide arrester live tester. Without power failure, without disassembling the equipment, the leakage current value of the zinc oxide arrester can be detected by directly clamping the grounding wire of the zinc oxide arrester. The instrument model used is ETCR9400.

Lightning Arrester Leakage Test Steps:

1) Check whether the power of the host and the detector is sufficient, less than 50% must be charged

2) Check whether there is an emergency pull ring installed for emergency situation use.

3) Install the detector on the insulating rod interface, the interface can adjust the direction of the clamp jaws of the detector to facilitate the clamping-on the wire.

4) Press the "OPEN" button to open the clamp jaws of the detector.

5) Lift the insulation rod and clamp the wire. After confirming that the wire is clamped, press the "CLOSE" button to close the clamp jaws, and the tester will enter the test state.

6) After reading the test value, press "OPEN" key to open the clamp jaws, and let the detector withdrawn from the wire. After removing the insulation rod, press the "CLOSE" key to close the clamp head, remove the detector from the insulation rod, and recover the insulation rod.

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