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Multichannel Current & Voltage On-line Tester

/ETCR8340 Multichannel Current & Voltage On-line Tester

ETCR8340 Multichannel Current & Voltage On-line Tester

Simultaneously monitor and record 1~3 channel of AC leakage currents, currents, and voltages. Used for the inspection of circuit insulation faults, monitoring of intermittent leakage faults, transformer core grounding current monitoring, cable grounding circulating current monitoring and other line current and voltage monitoring.

1. Model No.:ETCR8340

2. Current Range: AC 0.00mA~20A/60A/300A/600A/1000A/6000A(option)

3. Voltage Range: AC 0.0V~600V

4. Current Test  Channel : 1~6 channel(option)

5. CT Caliber: Φ40mm/Φ60mm/64x16mm/Φ100mm(optional)

6. Power Supply: 6VDC24VDC50mA Max.(External power supply)

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    on-line leakage current meter 1. Model No.: ETCR6800 2. Range : 0.00mA~1200A 3. Peak Hold : Peak value capture and hold function, long press HOLD key display peak value 4. Working Current : 5mA 5. Data Storage : 99 groups 6. Power Supply : Alkaline battery 6LR61 9V

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