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/ETCR6470 Clamp Multimeter AC DC2000V

ETCR6470 Clamp Multimeter AC DC2000V

Measurement ofAC/DC Current, AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, continuity test, diode forward voltage drop andLED working voltage parameters etc.

1. Model No. : ETCR6470

2. DC Voltage : 2V/20V/200V/2000V

3. AC Voltage : 2V/20V/200V/2000V

4. DC Current : 20A/200A/2000A

5. Capacitance : 20uF/200uF/2uF/20uF/200uF/2000uF

6. Power Supply : 6F22 9V(IEC6F22, NEDA1604, JIS006P)

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  • 6420 series clamp multimeter
    ETCR6420 Clamp Multimeter

    Measurement of  DC voltage, AC voltage, AC current true RMS, resistance, capacitance, frequency, on-off test, temperature, diode forward voltage drop and others parameters. 1. Model No.: ETCR6420 2. CT Size:Ф27mm 3. DC Voltage:0mV~600V 4. AC Voltage:0V-600V 5. AC Curent:0A-600A 6. Power Supply : LR03 X 2

  • 6450 Series Clamp Multimeter
    ETCR6450 Clamp Multimeter 600v

    Measurement of DC current and voltage、AC current & voltage true RMS, resistance, surge, capacitance, frequency, on-off test, temperature, diode forward voltage drop and others parameters. 1. Model No. : ETCR6450 2. DC Voltage : 400mV/4V/40V/400V/1000V 3. AC Voltage : 400mV/4V/40V/400V/700V 4. AC Current : 4A/40A/400A/1000A 5. Resistance : 400Ω/4kΩ/40kΩ/400kΩ/4MΩ/40MΩ 6. Power Supply : 6F22  9VX1

  • Exclusive use standard resistor
    ETCR3900 Standard Resistor

    Standard Resistor is exclusive used for calibration of grounding resistance tester, equipotential tester and other instrument. 1. Model No.: ETCR3900 2. Resistance Range : 0.001Ω~100KΩ 3. Connection Wire Method: 4-wire method 4. Temperature Coefficient : ±25ppm 5. Test Line : 4PCS 6. Power : 1/2W

  • portable microhmmeter(DC low value resistance tester)
    ETCR3640 Portable Microhmmeter(DC Low Value Resistance Tester)

    Portable Microhmmeter apply to measure the wire resistance of cables, the contact resistance of switches, connectors and relays, the DC resistance of  coils, motors and transformers windings, and the connection resistance of the connecting conductor between the metal riveting, the metal components, the ground grid and the ground pole, etc. 1. Model No.: ETCR3640 2. Measurement Range: 1uΩ~200Ω 3. Detection Mode: AC/DC 2 channel simultaneous detection 4. Data Storage: 200 groups 5. Backlight Function : Yes, suitable to the dim place 6. Power Supply: DC 3.7V  7000mAH rechargeable lithium battery

  • 8600 series leakage protector(RCD) tester
    ETCR8600 Leakage Protector(RCD) Tester 15~500mA

    Testing leakage operating time of various leakage protector. 1. Model No.: ETCR8600 2. Leakage Current Range : 15mA~500mA (10 gears) 3.Leakage Operating Time: 0ms~999ms 4. Line Voltage Measurement: Below 250V 5. Test Mode: Manual or Automatic 6. Power Supply: DC 6V LR03 1.5VX4PCS

  • 048HA Series  High Voltage Clamp Leakage Current sensor
    ETCR048HA High Voltage Clamp Leakage Current/Current Sensor 800A

    Detecting of H/L voltage AC leakage current/current, higher harmonic current, phase, electric energy, power, power factor etc. 1. Model No. : ETCR048HA 2. Range : 0mA~800A AC 3. Resolution: 1mA 4. Accuracy Class: 1.0 5. Turn Ratio : 4000:1 6. CT Size : Φ48mm

  • 2200 Series Multi-Function Clamp Earth Resistance Tester
    ETCR2200 Multi-Function Clamp Earth Resistance Tester

    Ground resistance measurement、loop resistance measurement、grounding down leads leakage current measurement、judge ground fault 1. Model No.: ETCR2200 2. Resistance Measure Range: 0.010Ω~1500Ω 3. Leakage Current Measure Range: 0.000mA~40.0A 4. Alarm Threshold Setting Resistance: 1-199Ω ; Current: 1-499mA 5. Alarm Function: audible and visible alarm 6. Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium battery DC3.7V  2600mAh

  • 6100 Series AC DC Clamp Current Meter
    ETCR6100 AC DC Clamp Current Meter 1000A

    Measurement of DC current,AC current. 1. Model No. : ETCR6100 2. Range : AC/DC 0.0A~1000A 3. Communication Interface : Storage data can be uploaded to computer save and print 4. Data Storage : 99 groups 5. Working Current : 10mA 6. Power Supply : Alkaline battery 6LR61 9V

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