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Wireless Three-Phase Phase Voltammeter

/ETCR4480 Wireless Three-Phase Phase Voltammeter

ETCR4480 Wireless Three-Phase Phase Voltammeter

Used for wireless synchronous measurement of voltage amplitude, current amplitude, voltage phase, current phase, frequency, power and other parameters of different measurement points in the secondary circuit of the substation, and can also synchronous display the three-phase voltage and current vector diagram in the master and slave machine screen. Solve the problem that current and voltage cannot be measured at different points in smart substation completely.

1. Model No.: ETCR4480

2. Voltage Range : 2V~700V

3. Current Range : 0.001A-20A

4. voltage and current accuracy up to class 0.3; phase accuracy is ±0.3

5. Phase : 0°~360°

6. Power Supply: DC7.4V, 5200mAH rechargeable lithium battery

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