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DC Current Resistance Tester

/ETCR3670 Transformer DC Resistance Tester

ETCR3670 Transformer DC Resistance Tester

Used for fast measurement of various transformer windings DC resistance and conductor DC resistance measurement.

1. Model : ETCR3670

2. Measurement Range : 1.0uΩ~50.00kΩ

3. Test Current Gear : AUTO,10A,5A,1A,100mA,10mA,1mA

4. Output Voltage : 24V MAX

5. Display Mode : 5 inch colorful touch screen
6. Power Supply : AC 220V/Built-inrechargeable lithium battery DC22.2V 5200mAh

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  • DC Current Resistance Tester Series
    ETCR3660 DC Current Resistance Tester(Microhmmeter 10A)

    Used for measuring transformer winding resistance, conductor DC resistance, cable length,etc. 1. Model No. :ETCR3660 2. Range : 200.0uΩ~50.00KΩ 3. Test Current :10A,5A, 100mA, 10mA, 2mA,  Automatic 4. Max Test Current : 10A 5. Measurement Method : Precision 4-wire method, 2 chennal A/D detecting simultaneously 6. Power Supply : DC 22.2V 5200mAh rechargeable lithium battery

  • 8300 series three channel current monitoring recorder
    ETCR8300/ETCR8300A Three Channel Current Monitoring Recorder

    At the same time online monitoring and recording 1 ~ 3 channelAC leakage current and current, used for circuit insulation fault troubleshooting, monitoring intermittent leakage fault, check the happen time of insulation fault and maintenance lines, etc. 1. Model No.: ETCR8300/ETCR8300A 2. CT Size: 25mmX30mm/ 35mmX40mm 3. Current Range : 0.00mA ~20A/0mA~500A 4. Resolution:  AC 0.01mA/ AC 1mA 5. Current Clamps Quantity: 1 - 3PCS (optional); 6. Power Supply : Rechargeable lithium battery DC3.7V,2600mAh

  • 6470 Series Clamp Multimeter
    ETCR6470 Clamp Multimeter AC DC2000V

    Measurement ofAC/DC Current, AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, continuity test, diode forward voltage drop andLED working voltage parameters etc. 1. Model No. : ETCR6470 2. DC Voltage : 2V/20V/200V/2000V 3. AC Voltage : 2V/20V/200V/2000V 4. DC Current : 20A/200A/2000A 5. Capacitance : 20uF/200uF/2uF/20uF/200uF/2000uF 6. Power Supply : 6F22 9V(IEC6F22, NEDA1604, JIS006P)

  • 4000A Series Intelligent Double Clamp Digital Phase Voltmeter
    ETCR4000A Intelligent Double Clamp Digital Phase Voltmeter

    In the case of the tested circuit is not open-loop, measure two AC voltages, current, phase between voltages, phase between currents, phase, frequency, phase sequence, active power, reactive power, apparent power, and power factor between voltage and current. Discriminate the transformer wiring group, inductive and capacitive circuits, test the secondary circuit and the busbar protection system, read the phase relationship between the CTs of the differential protection groups, check the wiring of the meter for correctness, and repair the line equipment, etc. 1. Model No.: ETCR4000A 2. Simultaneous measurement of two channel AC current, range: 0.0mA~20.0A 3. Simultaneous measurement of two channel AC voltage, range: 0.00V~600V 4. Simultaneous measurement the phase between UU, II, UI, range: 0.0°~360.0° 5. Active power Range:0.0W~12kW 6. Power supply : DC9V Alkaline battery LR61.5V AAX6PCS

  • 2800T  Series Stainless Steel Earth Resistance Online Detector
    ETCR2800T Stainless Steel Earth Resistance Online Detector

    Suitable for secondary development, online monitoring of loop grounding resistance and metal loop connection resistance, grounding condition monitoring. 1. Model No.: ETCR2800T 2. Measurement Range: 0.01Ω~100Ω; 3. RS485 communication protocol(support MODBUS) 4. Output Range : 0.00Ω~100Ω 5. Accuracy: ±2%rdg±3dgt (20℃±5℃,below 70%RH). 6. Power Supply: 6VDC~9VDC,50mA Max.(External power supply)

  • 7000D Series Large Caliber DC AC Clamp Current Meter
    ETCR7000D Large Caliber DC AC Clamp Current Meter DC 2000A

    Measurement of DC/AC current. 1. Model No. : ETCR7000D 2. Range : DC: 0.0A~2000A  AC: 0.0A~1000A 3. Data Storage : 99 groups 4. Peak Hold : Peak value capture and hold function, long pressHOLD key display peak value 5. Working Current : 20mA 6. Power Supply : DC 6V (LR6×4 alkaline dry batteries)

  • ETCR3350 series
    ETCR3350 Large-Scale Grounding Grid Earth Resistance On-line Monitor

    Used for online monitoring the earth resistance, earth continuity, soil resistivity, step voltage, contact voltage, surface potential gradient, etc. of large-scale grounding devices. 1. Model : ETCR3350 2. Impedance Measurement Range : 0.000Ω~200Ω 3. Resolution : 0.001Ω 4. Maximum Current Output : 5A 5. Maximum Voltage Output : 400V 6. Power Supply : AC220V±10%, 50hZ

  • 030D Series Clamp DC Leakage Current Sensor
    ETCR030D Clamp DC Leakage Current Sensor

    On-line detecting of DC leakage current. 1. Model No. : ETCR030D 2. Range: DC 0mA~100mA 3. Resolution: DC 1mA 4. Accuracy Class: ±3.0%FS 5. Output Signal: 25mV/1mA 6. CT Size: 25mm x 30mm

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