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DC Resistance Tester


DC Current Resistance Tester

/ETCR3660 DC Current Resistance Tester(Microhmmeter 10A)

ETCR3660 DC Current Resistance Tester(Microhmmeter 10A)

Used for measuring transformer winding resistance, conductor DC resistance, cable length,etc.

1. Model No. :ETCR3660

2. Range : 200.0uΩ~50.00KΩ

3. Test Current :10A,5A, 100mA, 10mA, 2mA,  Automatic
4. Max Test Current : 10A

5. Measurement Method : Precision 4-wire method, 2 chennal A/D detecting simultaneously
6. Power Supply : DC 22.2V 5200mAh rechargeable lithium battery

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  • ETCR3670 Transformer winding resistance meter
    ETCR3670 Transformer DC Resistance Tester

    Used for fast measurement of various transformer windings DC resistance and conductor DC resistance measurement. 1. Model : ETCR3670 2. Measurement Range : 1.0uΩ~50.00kΩ 3. Test Current Gear : AUTO,10A,5A,1A,100mA,10mA,1mA 4. Output Voltage : 24V MAX 5. Display Mode : 5 inch colorful touch screen 6. Power Supply : AC 220V/Built-inrechargeable lithium battery DC22.2V 5200mAh

  • 8340 series multichannel current & voltage on-line tester
    ETCR8340 Multichannel Current & Voltage On-line Tester

    Simultaneously monitor and record 1~3 channel of AC leakage currents, currents, and voltages. Used for the inspection of circuit insulation faults, monitoring of intermittent leakage faults, transformer core grounding current monitoring, cable grounding circulating current monitoring and other line current and voltage monitoring. 1. Model No.:ETCR8340 2. Current Range: AC 0.00mA~20A/60A/300A/600A/1000A/6000A(option) 3. Voltage Range: AC 0.0V~600V 4. Current Test  Channel : 1~6 channel(option) 5. CT Caliber: Φ40mm/Φ60mm/64x16mm/Φ100mm(optional) 6. Power Supply: 6VDC~24VDC,50mA Max.(External power supply)

  • Large-Scale Grounding Grid Earth Resistance Tester
    ETCR3300B Large-Scale Grounding Grid Earth Resistance Tester

    Large-Scale Grounding Grid Earth Resistance Tester used to measure the grounding impedance or resistance of large grounding devices, measure the conduction impedance or resistance between grounding devices,  measure the soil resistivity, and measure the simple step voltage. 1. Model No.: ETCR3300B 2. Impedance Range: 0Ω~200Ω 3. Max. Current Output: 5A 4. Max. Voltage Output: 400V 5. Test Current Frequency: Auto 45Hz/55Hz 6. Power Supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

  • 1800B Series Wireless High Voltage Electroscope
    ETCR1800B Wireless High Voltage Electroscope

    380v ~ 220kV high voltage line electricity test, high voltage line voltage to ground test, induction voltage test, high voltage line current test. 1. Model : ETCR1800B 2. Electricity Test Level: 380V、6.6kV、10kV、35kV、66kV、110kV 3. Voltage to Earth Display Range : 0.1kV~69kV(Voltage to earth) 4. Electricity TestVoltageRange : 380V~110KV 5. Wireless Frequency : 433Hz 6. Power Supply: Receiver: DC6V, alkaline battery LR03X 4PCS; Detector: zinc-manganese dry battery 6F22, 9V

  • 048H Series  High Voltage Clamp Leakage Current sensor
    ETCR048H High Voltage Clamp Leakage Current/Current Sensor 50A

    Detecting of H/L voltage AC leakage current/current, higher harmonic current, phase, electric energy, power, power factor etc. 1. Model No. : ETCR048H 2. Range : 0.00mA~50A AC 3. Resolution: 0.001mA 4. Accuracy Class: 1.0 5. Turn Ratio : 800:1 6. CT Size : Φ48mm

  • 6300D Series DC Clamp leakage Current Meter
    ETCR6300D DC Clamp leakage Current Meter 6A

    Measurement of DC leakage current, DC current, Car leakage overhauling. 1. Model No. : ETCR6300D 2. Range : 0.0mA~6.00A  DC 3. Data Storage : 99 groups 4. Peak Hold : Peak value capture and hold function, long press HOLD key display peak value 5. Working Current : 20mA 6. Power Supply : Alkaline battery 6LR61 9V

  • ETCR1900
    ETCR1900 High Voltage Operation Anti-touch Smart Early Warning Device

    High Voltage Operation Anti-touch Smart Early Warning Device provide an intelligent high voltage close to electrical alarm device for electric working vehicles. When the working vehicle closing to the high-voltage transmission line for a certain distance, the device will send out an alarm signal to remind the operators that the equipment is closing to the high-voltage power, should pay attention to the danger, avoid the crane arm of the working vehicle touch the high-voltage transmission line, and protect the safety of the workers and power facilities. 1. Model : ETCR1900 2. Power Supply : Sensor: DC 7.4V, 2600mAh; Receiver: DC7.4V,2600mAh 3. Electricity Testing Range : 1kV~500kV 4. Wireless Transmission Mode : 230Mhz 5. Wireless Transmission Distance : 200m(In the open environment)

  • 3800B Series Lightning Protection Component Tester
    ETCR3800B Lightning Protection Component Tester

    Applied to testing the performance parameters of the lightning protection elements such as metal oxide varistor(MOV) and  gas discharge tube (GDT) and the insulation resistance (Mohm), polarization index (PI), dielectric absorption ratio (DAR). 1.Model No.:ETCR3800B 2. Initial action voltage test,Range:50~3000V 3. Leakage Current ,Range:0~1000μA 4 .DC breakdown voltage test,Range:50~3000V 5 .Insulation resistance Mohm test:Range:0.5~10GΩ 6. Power Supply : DC 7.4V 2600mAH rechargeable lithium battery

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