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Earth Resistance Tester

/ETCR3250 Pylon Earth Resistance/Resistivity Tester

ETCR3250 Pylon Earth Resistance/Resistivity Tester

4-Clamps method measure pylon earth resistance; 2-wires,3-wires,4-wires method meausre earth resistance; Soil resistivity measurement; AC current measurement; Earth potential(earth voltage) measurement.

1. Model : ETCR3250

2.  Earth Rsistance Range: 0.00Ω~20.00kΩ

3. Soil Resistivity Range: 0.00Ωm~9000kΩm

4. AC Current Range: 1.00mA~500.0A

5. Earth Potential (Voltgae) Range: 0.0V~200.0V

6. Power Supply : DC7.4V  5200mAh rechargeable lithium battery, full charge about 8.4V

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