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Earth Resistance Tester


Double Clamp Earth Resistance Tester

/ETCR3200C Double Clamp Earth Resistance Tester

ETCR3200C Double Clamp Earth Resistance Tester

With 4-wire method,3-wire method and simple 2-wire method, selection method, double clamp methodto measureearth resistance,DC currentsoil resistivity,earth voltage, AC voltage,grounding lead leakage current.

1. Model No.: ETCR3200C

2. 2/3/4-wire method measure earth resistance,Range: 0.00Ω ~ 30.00kΩ

3. Selection method meausre earth resistance, Range: 0.00Ω ~ 3000Ω

4. Doule clamp method measure earth resistance,Range: 0.00Ω~100Ω

5. Soil resistivity measurement, Range: 0.00Ωm ~ 9000kΩm

6. Earth voltage measurement,Range: AC 0.0 ~ 100.0V

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    Double Clamp Earth Resistance Tester applied with precise 4-pole, 3-pole and simple 2-pole method, selection method, double clamp method for grounding resistance measurement, The measurement of earth resistance, soil resistivity, earth voltage, AC voltage, grounding lead leakage current, AC current, DC resistance. 1. Model No.: ETCR3200 2. Erth resistance,Range:0.00Ω~30.00kΩ 3. Soil resistivity Range:0.00Ωm~9000kΩm 4. Test Frequency: 128Hz/111Hz/105Hz/94Hz(AFC) 5. Short-circuit Current:AC 20mA max 6. Power Supply:DC 9V (Alkaline dry battery LR14-1.5V  )

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  • Exclusive use standard resistor
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    Standard Resistor is exclusive used for calibration of grounding resistance tester, equipotential tester and other instrument. 1. Model No.: ETCR3900 2. Resistance Range : 0.001Ω~100KΩ 3. Connection Wire Method: 4-wire method 4. Temperature Coefficient : ±25ppm 5. Test Line : 4PCS 6. Power : 1/2W

  • DC Current Resistance Tester Series
    ETCR3660/3660B DC Current Resistance Tester(Microhmmeter 10A/20A)

    Applied to measuring transformer winding resistance; grounding continuity resistance; cable & conductor resistance; contact resistance of switches, connectors and relays; metal riveting resistance; winding resistance of coil, motor and transducer; connection resistance between metal components; welding point resistance; Battery parallel connection resistance; wire length measurement and calculation, etc. 1. Model No. :ETCR3660 2. Range : 10.0uΩ~50.00KΩ 3. Test Current :10A,1A, 100mA, 10mA, 2mA, 1mA, Automatic 4. Max Test Current : 10A 5. Measurement Method : Precision 4-wire method, 2 chennal A/D detecting simultaneously 6. Power Supply : DC 7.4V 5200mAh, rechargeable lithium battery, full charge about 8.4V

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    At the same time online monitoring and recording 1 ~ 3 channelAC leakage current and current, used for circuit insulation fault troubleshooting, monitoring intermittent leakage fault, check the happen time of insulation fault and maintenance lines, etc. 1. Model No.: ETCR8300/ETCR8300A 2. CT Size: 25mmX30mm/ 35mmX40mm 3. Current Range : 0.00mA ~20A/0mA~500A 4. Resolution:  AC 0.01mA/ AC 1mA 5. Current Clamps Quantity: 1 - 3PCS (optional); 6. Power Supply : Rechargeable lithium battery DC3.7V,2600mAh

  • 9200 series H/L voltage clamp current meter
    ETCR9200B Wireless H/L Voltage Clamp Current Meter AC 0mA~1200A

    Measurement of High/Low voltage AC current below 60kV. (Above 600V, operate with insulation rod). 1. Model No.: ETCR9200B 2. Current Range: AC 0mA~1200A 3. Resolution: 1mA 4.CT Size: φ68mm 5. Line Voltage: Below 60kV current test , operate with insulation rods 6. Power Supply: 6VDC (LR03 × 8pcs alkaline dry batteries)

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