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/ETCR1100 Transformer Region Phase Line Identify Meter

ETCR1100 Transformer Region Phase Line Identify Meter

Transformer Region Phase Line Identify Meter used to identify the phase A, B and C of low voltage power supply lines in the same transformer region. Can quickly and accurately identify whether the phase lines and phase of two point in the circuit with a long distance from the same transformer region are consistent or not, and accurately judge whether the measured line and the station transformer output are the same line.

1. Model No.: ETCR1100

2. Communication Distance: Without obstacles blocking 8KM

3. Identify Time≤5 seconds

4. Identify Success Rate: >99%

5.Rated Votlage: 3-phase 4-wires 220V

6. Power Supply: DC 7.4V 2.6Ah rechargeable lithium battery

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