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  • Digital Earth Ground Resistance Tester
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    Digital Earth Resistance Tester is applied to Precision 3-wire, simple 2-wire measurement method of earth resistance, voltage to ground measurement. With unique function of wire resistance verification, anti-interference capability and Environmental adaptability, more accurate for grounding resistance measurement. 1. Model No.: ETCR3000 2. Earth Resistance  Range: 0.010Ω~2000Ω 3. Earth Voltage Range: 0V~600V AC 4. Accuracy: ±2%rdg±3dgt 5. Measurement Method:Rated current change-pole method/Average value rectification 6. Power Supply: DC 9V (Alkaline dry battery LR14 1.5V 6 PCS )

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  • 3000A+ Series Digital Earth Resistance Tester
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    Adopt2-wire method, 3-wire method to measure grounding resistance,grounding voltage. 1. Model No. : ETCR3000A+ 2. Grounding Resistance Range : 0.10Ω~2000Ω 3. Grounding Voltage Range : 0~200V AC 4. Display LCD: LCD:58mmX46mm 5. Measurement Tim : Earth resistance: 15 seconds/time;Voltage to earth : 2 times/second; Current: 2times/s 6. Power Supply : DC9V, R6 AA dry batteryX6PCS

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  • 3000+ Series Digital Earth Resistance Tester
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    Adopt2-wire method, 3-wire method to measure grounding resistance,grounding current, grounding voltage 1. Model No.: ETCR3000+ 2. Earth Resistance Range: 0.10Ω ~ 2000Ω 3. Grounding Current Range : 0mA ~ 100A AC 4. Grounding Voltage Range : 0 ~ 200V AC 5.  Data Storage :1000 groups 6. Power Supply : DC9V, R6 AA dry batteryX6PCS
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