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Field Test-ETCR1800A Wireless High Voltage Electroscope Detector 220KV

May 12 , 2022

ETCR1800A Wireless High Voltage Electroscope/Detector is a electroscope which can be used for below 220KV voltage grade, it can do the electricity testing accurately start  from 100V, the main voltage grade is 380V, 6.6KV, 10KV, 35KV, 66KV, 110KV, 220KV. The tester can test the line voltage & ground voltage of the high voltage line, which can displayed the test result on the receiver through wireless transmission, operate easy and convenient!

We will make the field testing in two sites, one is the 10KV high voltage overhead line, and the other is the primary side line of the 10KV transformer, as shown in the figure below, to test the performance of the instrument in different application sites.

1. Test Preparation

Before starting the test, must do safety protection first. Please wear on the insulation equipment such as safety helmets, insulation gloves, insulation boots, etc.. Forbid to operating and testing the high voltage detector who is not do the safety protection.

After completing the safety protection, then can start to assembling the accessories. First, adjust the telescopic insulation rod to the required length, pull each section of the insulation rod to the end, and then knob the rod to tighten it. Second, install the detector on the end of the insulation rod, match the teeth of the detector and the insulation rod, and tighten the screws. Power on the detector and receiver to comfirm the communication is well.

2. Field Testing

--- 10KV High voltage overhead line test

Hung the detector on the high voltage overhead line by insulation rod, the detector can not hung on the overhead line which is with the insulation skin, must contact with the exposed line. If the tested high voltage overhead line is live, the detecor will flash red light and make out the warning sound, and the receiver will display the line voltage.

---10KV Transformer test

The test of the transformer is mainly through the comparison test between the transformer high voltage overhead line at the front end and the transformer primary side.

3. Test Conclusion

ETCR1800A wireless high voltage electroscope/detector is more suitable for testing in overhead line, and can get more accurate voltage value. If it is close to the transformer or the measurement angle is deviated, there will be measurement errors.

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